If you want to use your registrar’s DNS to point your domains to DMP then scroll down. Here is how to do it using DMP’s nameservers:

You can very easily point all of your domains to the DMP platform by adding these nameservers to your domains’ DNS at the registrar:



You will then be able to control the destination page when someone types-in or clicks a link for that domain: landing page or sales page.

In the in the domain edit page, set the default nameservers for each domain:

The default nameservers are already listed. Create registrar and nameserver templates for other nameservers that you can then select from a drop-down menu to keep track of where your domains are hosted.

To point your domains to the DMP platform, do the following:

Step 1: Set the nameservers (ns1.namecontrol.net, ns2.namecontrol.net) at the registrar.

Step 2: Set the default nameservers (ns1.namecontrol.net, ns2.namecontrol.net) in DMP control panel. They are selected by default when you add domains, so you shouldn’t have to do Step 2.

Tip: You can create NS templates for domains you are hosting elsewhere to keep tabs on where your domains are pointing to.

Setting Nameservers for All Domains In Bulk

You can set the same nameservers for all of your domains in DMP by going to Domain Manager – Bulk Settings. Use the fields under Nameservers.

Please note that you still have to set the nameservers at your domain registrar.

Using Your Registrar’s DNS

Use this option if you want to keep the registrar’s nameservers for your domains and just want to edit the DNS records directly. Here are the records you need to edit:

Type | Name | Value

A | @ |

Here is a sample DNS Management Records page at one of the major registrars and how it should look:

What’s next

Once your domains are pointing to your DMP shop then you can control how they behave through the landing page controls.

(This page will be updated as the feature is in on-going development)