Domain Market Pro gives you flexible options to create email lists which you can use to save leads generated through your DMP shop. This includes a internal native list builder and the capability to integrate third-party email marketing tools such as MailChimp. If you want integrate a subscription form from another provider go to Integrating 3rd Party Email Lists. Here we will take you through the internal native email list builder.

Activating Native Email List Builder

From the Dashboard, go to Customize Website, then Subscribe Form.

The first page you will see is for the native email subscription form. Enter a heading of your choice for the form, for example, “Subscribe to Our Domain Announcement List” or anything else appropriate. The next option, type will display the form on screen if you choose “in page”, or as “modal”. If you select modal, a button will activate a fly-in box with the subscription option. The option, position, allows to display the form in the footer or not. The “none” option can be selected if you want to create a page dedicated for email subscription that can be accessed from the menu.

When someone subscribes, their email and name will be stored in the database. A confirmation email will be sent. Once they confirm, this will also be recorded. You can only send emails to those subscribers who confirm.

You can have separate email lists for each DMP shop in your account. This is ideal if you operate niche shops and target specific markets, in addition to your primary shop.

Managing Emails With the Native Email List Builder

To manage your native email lists go to Lead Gen, then Email List.

The default page displays all subscribes. Above the table is a drop-down Options lists with the following options:

Email List – returns you to the default email list page. You are able to delete subscribers manually here as well.

Send an Update – send an email update with latest domain listings to all confirmed subscribers for the current shop.

Invite – send an email invite for people to join the email list.

Export – export emails and names as a CSV file or copy-and-paste as text.

Sending Email Updates

Whenever you add new domain listings to your shop, you can send an email update to all confirmed subscribers.

You can add your own text to the email updates. Shortcode such as {name} and {domains} will dynamically populate each email sent with the subscriber’s name and the list of the domains with links to their sales pages.

Inviting Subscribers

If you have contact email addresses and want to invite people to join, you can use the Invite option.

In the first box, enter email addresses one per line. In the second box, you can write a message that will be attached to emails. They will receive a link in the invite emails to click on in order to accept your invitation.