Here we will walk you through integrating a subscription form from another provider. If you want to use the built in email list tool, then go to Native Email List Builder. To add a 3rd party email list to your shop go to Customize Website and select Subscribe Form. Then choose the button labeled, “Go to external form integration”.

You will see a new page with the following options:

Custom Website Code – This is to paste code provided by the 3rd email list service that connects your site to their system and also to add a drop-in subscription form or control other behavior of the form allowed by the provider.

Subscription Form URL – If you have an external link to a subscription form, you can enter it here. If you choose to create a page on your shop with an embedded form, you can also put the link URL here.

Button Label – The label that will appear on the button to direct the visitor to the subscription form.

Background Color – You can use the color selector to add a unique color to the section that contains the subscribe button.

Once you save your form, you will also have the option to add a graphic with transparent background to grab more attention to the email list subscribe section.

So your 3rd party email list integration can look like this: