User Account feature on Domain Market Pro platform

Imagine increasing the size of your domain inventory by accepting domain submissions from other domain investors. And make additional revenue through commission amount(s) that you choose.

The higher level plans on the DMP platform give you the option to place a “My Account” control panel where visitors can sign up and submit domains. Of course the administrator will approve these accounts before they can submit domains. And also the administrator has full control on editing these submitted domains.

The administrator also has the option to manually create user accounts from within the Domain Market Pro (DMP) backend, as well as manually add domains.

This feature creates huge opportunities to make serious income through reselling domains and brokering domains.

Are domain investors approaching you to help them sell domains? Are you brokering domains? Do you want to grow your marketplace and give more options to buyers? DMP is the only Software-as-a-Service for domain professionals that makes this possible.

Domain Market Pro is dedicated to becoming the industry standard domain investment and brokerage platform.

Here is more on how the new domain seller account panel works.