DDoS, distributed-denial-of-service, is a common tactic used by bad actors such as hackers to disrupt websites and online services to a halt and become impotent. They do this by overwhelming the server infrastructure with a huge flood of Internet traffic. When you own a significant number of domains that are pointed to your domain sales website, this can become a target of a DDoS attack. We are enhancing our security to protect our clients against such attacks by introducing new technologies. Part of this is a new DDoS mitigation platform which will be shortly activated.

This new technology will allow for automatic traffic scrubbing during a DDoS attack for all DMP and DomLogix customers for attacks up to 5 Gbps in volume. Traffic scrubbing allows for most malicious traffic to be seamlessly blocked while allowing legitimate traffic.

When traffic scrubbing automatically activates during a DDoS attack, customers should not notice any difference. This is a small, but significant step into improving and strengthening our product and services lineup.

This is significant to our clients who are pointing their domains to their DMP shops and utilizing the traffic from those. This is part of our efforts to ensure that legitimate traffic gets through while bad players engaged in cybercrime are stopped.