Domlogix, the maker of Domain Market Pro, is proud to release 6 new domain landing pages that make domains for sale stand out in a simple yet impactful way. Below are screenshots of the themes and some of the unique features which are available now in the Domain Market Pro backend.

Terra Lander

Live demo of Terra lander

Teame Lander

Live demo of Teame lander

Healthi Lander

Live demo of Healthi lander

Medi Lander

Live demo of Medi lander

Code Lander

Live demo of Code lander

Virtua Lander

Live demo of Virtua lander

The Info Button

The info button reveals additional information such as the domain name in upper and lower cases, comments and sales pitch, categories and keywords, age of the domain, length, and other details. Here are a few examples:

Landing Pages Can be Optionally Monetized

Example of a lander that is monetized.

Live demo of monetized lander

Designed for Compatibility with Social Media

Make your domains look sharp and professional on social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, among others.

When notifications from social networks go out to subscribers with new alerts, your domains will look attractive and professional as well. Below is an example from a Twitter email notification.

Twitter email notification shows how the landing pages appear.

Sign up to Domain Market Pro and start marketing your domains in a professional way. Stay tuned for more great features.