Since inception, DMP has always allowed marketplace owners to add keywords to their domains, mainly for SEO. Now, however, visitors are able to browse domains based on keyword selection.

Keyword browsing is another way that visitors can find domains quickly on your DMP-powered marketplace. This is in addition to category browsing, similar domains for sale, and multiple search options: broad and exact matches, and the presence of the keyword at the front or the end of the domain name.

domain sales page
When you enter comma-separated keywords in your DMP control panel, they will appear as clickable links in the updated sales page. Just like the Categories.

Keywords are used for SEO as well, but not as much anymore. Still, keywords can be a useful mechanism to keep visitors browsing your domains if they are looking for available domains to buy for a specific project.

The hot linked keywords on the domain sales pages, once selected by the visitor, present results in the same way as if the keyword was entered in the search field. The advantage here is that instead of the visitor having to come up with keywords, you are recommending other keywords that they browse domains for.

But here is the key part. You must enter keywords that are relevant and not too generic. Otherwise, visitors will not be inclined to follow those links. Here are some tips on selecting the best keywords.

Know the difference between keywords and categories

Categories are big baskets separating domains whereas keywords are basically synonymous with tags that tell specific details about a domain.

For example, you will have big baskets categorizing domains like “Travel”, “Legal”, “Brandable”, “Business”, etc. You can also have smaller baskets within the big ones, or sub-categories, like “Tech Brandable” or “Travel Lifestyle”, etc.

Let’s take as an example the domain

The categories likely might be: Geo plus Keyword, Travel, New York.

The keywords would be: New York Travel Tips (you always want to include the actual SLD as the first keyword), New York Travel, Travel Tips, New York Travel Agency, Travel Advice.

You can see how the keywords actually narrow down the characteristics of the domain name. You will also notice that we included potential end-use as one or more of the keywords.

Now with DMP’s capability of selecting those keywords, the visitors can narrow the results to very specific terms that interest them.

You may have hundreds of domains in the Travel category, but only a handful or a few for New York Travel.

Make keywords relevant and avoid keywords that are too generic

Having keywords that are too generic defeats their purpose. Keywords like “premium domain”, “brandable domain”, “ideal domain for business”, etc. are too generic and do not address the unique interests of the visitors and their motivation in visiting a particular domain sales page.

Put yourself in the shoes of each visitor. Using the example above, if you are starting a new travel agency in New York and looking for a domain that would also be a great company name then you won’t be interested in listing all premium domains or all domains ideal for business. But if you see the link New York Travel Agency or Travel Agency Name, then you will be far more inclined to browse for more options and compare.

Another compelling reason to have the most relevant keywords for your domains is that the Google bot will follow those links. If it finds that the pages are relevant to each other then it will be a positive ranking factor for your marketplace.

Avoid using too many keywords

It is important to avoid the temptation of using too many keywords. This especially includes keywords that are essentially the same thing but in different order or form: Travel New York, New York Travel, Travel to New York, etc. It will look spammy and also confusing to the visitor.

So how many keywords should you have? This depends on the domain name. Whatever makes sense. It can be as little as a couple.  Around 5 would be a sensible average. But if you are starting to repeat the same keywords in different order then you have too many.

Take Aways

Domain Market Pro now allows you to have keywords on domain sales pages that are linked to search results for those keywords.

Make sure to choose most relevant keywords based on the characteristics of the domain name.

Avoid non-specific generic keywords.

Avoid using too many keywords.