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Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

DMP supports PayPal, wire transfer, and all the major domain escrow services.
Yes. You can add analytics and webmaster code to the header or footer. You can also add other 3rd party code such as a chat box.
Yes. You can upload your own custom logos and header images. Optionally you can choose images for your domains and headers from a stock library built into the back-end.
Yes. However, there are considerable benefits to get a hosted DMP account. We have invested heavily in performance servers and top-notch security. We want you to use your time and resources to sell more domains, not have to deal with server support. If you have specific requirements that would warrant a self-hosted DMP application, we do offer full-scale custom development on the DMP platform (including installation and configuration on 3rd party servers). If interested, please contact us.
Yes. You can point (redirect or forward) all your domains to a single URL and the system takes care of the rest.
Yes. Blog and news posts are integrated into the back-end office so you can have both a blog and a news section (or pick one).
Yes. DMP Shops come with professional email hosting (except for the novice plan). However, we can edit the MX records for your domain so you can host the email elsewhere.
Please refer to the websites listed on the showcase page for live examples. Please contact us to access the back-end demo.
Do you have another question? Please contact us.