At Domain Market Pro we are happy to announce that your domain marketplace sports a new “sold” domain page, as well as listings in the domain scroll bar.

The domain sold page encourages potential buyers to search for other domains available and clearly shows that a domain has been sold and that timing is very important. Since only one buyer can purchase any given domain, urgency is critical and the new sold page makes that clear.

The “sold” domain page also features the advanced search tool to make it easier for buyers to find other domains available.

Additionally, in the premium domain scroller, sold domains are highlighted for the same effect. Displaying sold domains in such a manner builds a sense of urgency as well as buyer confidence.

Domains sold through your marketplace are automatically marked as sold. However, you should also mark the following as sold:

  • Any domains sold through a third-party domain marketplace
  • Any domains you have allowed to drop and that were picked up by another party

One thought on "Create Urgency and Buyer Confidence With Domains Sold Pages"

  1. Bruce Breger says:

    Looks great. Love the improvements here and there. Great job!

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