more domain sales

We are all very busy and for many domainers proactively promoting and selling domains may seem overwhelming. However, in reality there are some simple and quick ways that you can use to proactively sell domains that only take a few minutes each. We will not list all of them but just top 3 ways you can start selling more domains today.

Aggressive pricing

Pricing is one of the biggest reasons why domains sell or don’t sell. You may want to slash your prices on domains you want to sell quickly. Indicate that prices have been slashed on your marketplace or showcase site. You can also create a discount code that applies a percentage off all the prices. DMP makes this a very easy and quick process. Put the code on your home page for all to see and include the expiration date to create a sense of urgency.

Reach out to new & old leads

Experience has shown that the best time to respond to new offers is immediately when the interest it hottest. Same goes for leads that respond to your outbound emails. Do you have negotiations that went nowhere? Why not send a brief email to those leads asking if they are still interested in the domain. You never know what positive response you may get.

Promote groups of domains in popular niches

Do you have a number of domains in a popular niche? With DMP you can quickly create a promotion page that can be posted to social media with hashtag for that niche. Another thing you can do is join groups on social networks that focus on that niche and post there as well.

Our mission is to help you sell more domains and get more sales leads. If you are not getting the sales you want or expect, please talk to us.