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DMP Infrastructure

On-demand Performance

We packed way more punch into DMP than is needed for the average shop because we believe in your future and growth. If you are interested in technical details, here you are:

Performance Enterprise Hosting

DMP runs on dedicated enterprise servers running Intel Xeon processors with 24 cores. 64 GB DDR4 memory. Can be upscaled if necessary, but unlikely for a very long time.

Extremely fast 1 GB per second port for maximum data transfer.

Each DMP Shop's data is protected by a firewall that is regularly updated with latest security patches.

Multiple back-ups are made throughout the week.

DMP source code is designed to be lean and have low overhead for optimum delivery of pages and domain queries.

Email Hosting

Your DMP Shop also comes with custom email account that includes the following webmail apps: Horde Groupware, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail. You can also download your email to your computer and/or mobile device via secure SSL connection.

Anti-spam software is installed to scan for spam messages. Also you can create your own filters if certain unwanted emails get through.

Free SSL Certificate

Each DMP Shop comes with its own SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, that allows for the website to be accessed via https protocol and all content is encrypted as it travels from the Web to the browser and vice versa.

This feature provides an important layer of security which builds trust as visitors have the confidence that any form they submit will be encrypted. Additionaly, Google uses SSL as a positive indicator when ranking websites.

Domain Shop Infrastructure