In addition to adding multiple domains, you can also edit multiple domains. To do this, select Domain Inventory under Domain Manager. You can filter domains by Premium, Sale, Website, or sold, or perform a search for domains with a certain pattern.

Then select the Bulk Edit Table option just above the domain listings. The listings will be converted into editable fields.

Make the necessary edits and choose Update.

In the Bulk Edit Table mode you can edit the following items:

  • Domain Name
  • Registration Date (format YYYY-MM-DD)
  • Categories
  • Showcase Settings: Premium, On Sale, Website Included
  • Mark as sold
  • Pricing info: Asking Price, Minimum Offer, Lease Price

* In the drop-down categories list, any category with an asterisk signifies that the category is not applied to the current DMP Shop. So if you want to have the domain listed in the current shop, ensure that at least one category you select does nothave an asterisk.