Content Manager allows you to easily create new Web pages and posts using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) visual editor. You can pin pages to navigation locations (top navigation, second top navigation, sidebar, and/or footer). You can also run a blog with the DMP Content Manager. You can create posts and save them as one of two types: blog or news. If you create a post as either of those, then that option will appear in the navigation. If you create a blog post, then Blog will be displayed in navigation. If you create a news post, then News will be displayed. Why both options? News is ideal for news related items such as press releases. Blog is is ideal for commentary and opinion related items.

Pinning Pages to Navigation

There are 4 navigation areas to help you organize key pages:

  1. Top Navigation – This navigation is the most prominent up on top to the right of the logo.
  2. 2nd Top Navigation – If you don’t have enough room in the top navigation or want to keep it clean with less options, you can delegate pages to 2nd top navigation which will appear in a drop-down menu item labeled “More”.
  3. Side Navigation – On pages, blog and news posts, there is a sidebar where you can pin key pages to.
  4. Footer Navigation – This navigation area is, as you guessed it, in the footer and visible on all pages. It is ideal for containing less visited pages but with important information such as privacy policy, terms of use, etc.

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