The bulk domain entry form is similar to the single domain entry form with the exemption of the domain field which allows for entering multiple domains. The rest of the fields follow a similar pattern:

To enter more than one domain, you must enter one domain per line. The rest of the settings on the page, such as categories, will be applied to all the domains you enter. If you want to change the settings per domain basis such as main category, registration date, pricing and logo then you must enter that information on the same line as the domain separated by a comma such as this:,2010-02-15,Business,5000,1500,//link/to/logo

Registration date must be written in the format: YYYY-MM-DD Category must be already added to your shop, otherwise it will default to “uncategorized”. First price is the asking price, second price is the minimum offer. Both written without commas and decimals. The only way to add a separate logo to each domain is to have the logos uploaded to a hosting site first. You can enter the URL without http: but with the double forward slashes, ‘//’. Current limit of number of domains you can add at once is 50.

If you want to add many more domains in bulk, please use the export/import tool.

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