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Landing Page Features

Lead-gen & Monetization

Feature-rich Domain Landing Landing Pages

Stop sending traffic to other sites. Traffic that your portfolio generates is one of your most valuable assets. Why send it for free to a 3rd party marketplace. DMP Landing Pages allow you to fully benefit from the traffic to your portfolio. Here's what you get:

  • Lead-gen features
  • Monetize traffic
  • Add custom content
  • Create custom ads
  • Link to your DMP shop
  • Forward domains in bulk

Forward all of your domains in bulk. Option to redirect to the domain sales pages. Monetize your domains and say good-bye to parking.

Customize your landing pages with flexible controls.

Keep 100% of the revenue generated.

Domain Market Pro Landing Page
Domain Market Pro Landing Page
Domain Market Pro Landing Page

Clean Design Customizable in the Back-end

Landing page layout and content can be customized for all domains and for specific individual domains in the back-end office. Background image and logo are pulled from the header images and logo uploaded to the main DMP Shop. With DMP it is easy to make your landing pages look unique just like your domain shop.

Domain Market Pro Landing Pages

Monetized Landing Pages

Integrated with Google custom search, custom ads and 3rd-party ad code to monetize landing pages. Lead-gen offer forms are placed in a logical user-friendly manner to receive offers via email and back-end office.

Domain Market Pro Landing Pages

Easy to Set-up for Multiple Domains

Forward your domains to a single URL and the software takes care of the rest.

Visitors can inquire directly from the landing pages. Option to include a newsletter subscribe form.

Once you forward all your domains to the landing page, you then have the option to forward to each domain's sales page with a single click if you do not want to utilize the landing pages.


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Stock Library

Attractive images available in the stock library to use on your DMP shop.


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