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If you are serious about selling domain names as a viable business or income source, you should have your own branded domain sales site. This does not mean you shouldn’t also list your domains on the mainstream marketplaces. But having your own shop increases sales opportunities as well as increases net income. Real estate agents have been benefiting from having their own property sales sites for years, in addition to using mainstream listing services. You are selling virtual real estate, internet properties, so why shouldn’t you do the same? Here are the top benefits of having your domain shop:

  • You know who you are negotiating with or selling to.
  • Any inquiries and sales are leads that you keep and can cultivate.
  • You can build an email list to promote domains and other services.
  • You can monetize your domain shop, domain sales pages, and landing pages much more effectively and for more profit than parking.
  • You can create business cards and promote your shop directly to end-users at conferences, shows, and business network meetings.
  • Your outgoing marketing will look more professional with a business website in the footer or signature.
  • You can fully benefit from traffic your domain portfolio generates instead of sending it for free to other marketplaces.
  • You can leverage mainstream marketplaces to send traffic to your domain shop.
  • You will save 15% to 20% or more in commissions which can translate into thousands of dollars.
  • You can have more options to get paid and receive payments faster.
  • You will avoid giving the wrong impression you are a “squatter”.

In some cases, it can make sense to have more than one domain shop. Like for example having niche domain sales sites targeting specific industries or markets.

But the point is not just have a sales or portfolio site. If it is not done correctly, or looks like it is not finished, then it will look unprofessional and not benefit you in terms of sales or lead generation.

Many who start out building a domain sales showcase website either get discouraged or get distracted by other things that come along. This is because if you try to build a domain shop on your own from scratch, it is a very long and arduous process that can become boring to most.

This is why we started building Domain Market Pro (DMP) over 10 years ago and have rewritten the code from scratch beginning 2 years ago. We knew that we had acquired experience over that time and created a domain sales and marketing software that every domainer needs. What can take days and weeks, you can now do in minutes and hours with DMP. Through experience and feedback, we are outfitting DMP with tools to create domain sales and landing pages that attract buyers and encourage inquiries. Additionally, DMP has unique tools to help you reach end-users through outbound marketing as well. Plus much more.

But we know that words are just words. That is why we have created a side-by-side comparison of Domain Market Pro and 2 other tools available to domainers to create a domain shop, marketplace or showcase site.

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