top domain marketingtips of 2017
It’s been a year since that start of this blog. Over the course of the past 12 months there were many domain marketing tips that can be put into action immediately to increase number of sales and offers. Here is a list of top domain marketing tips of 2017 which you might have missed and that can help you make 2018 your best year in domain sales.

Use Social Media to Increase Traffic and SalesUsing Social Media to Increase Traffic and Sales

This article contains key strategies to utilizing social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Go to article


Build Trust With Your Domain ShopBuild Trust With Your Domain Shop

Once you get visitors to come to your domain portfolio site, whether via social media or another source, you need to convince them to stay and turn them into leads. This article explains some fundamentals when it comes to building trust. Go to article

niche marketplacesBenefits of Niche Domain Marketplaces

Do you have a good number of domains that target a specific niche, like real estate, legal, financial, etc.? This article explains how creating a niche marketplace gives you an edge over the mainstream marketplaces and make it cheaper and easier to market. Go to article

big domain sellerHow to Sell More Domains (to End-Users) Like the Big Players

An end-user sale is the most coveted and difficult sale to make on a consistent basis. This article takes a look at how the big domain brokers make sales on a seemingly consistent basis and to end-users. Some important take-aways you can apply to your domain sales efforts. Go to article

sell more domainsHow to Sell More Domains More Quickly

The title says it all. Go to article



a/b testing domain shopsThe Benefits of A/B Testing on Your Domain Shop

If you really want to get into the details and psyche of a domain sale, what works, what doesn’t, then you might want to run some tests using the A/B method. This article explains how you can do that. Go to article

domain landing sales pagesLanding and Sales Pages – How to Use Them and Why They are Critical

Domain landing and sales pages are fundamental to domain sales. Learn what is the difference between the two and how to best utilize them to maximize sales. Go to article

more results from your domain shopTop 10 Tips to Get More Results from Your Domain Shop

An overview of top 10 tips that will help you get more results. See if you have overlooked any in your domain sales efforts. Go to article

domain discount codesHow to Use Discount Codes in Domain Sales

Discount codes or coupons are effectively used by many online businesses to motivate buyers that may be sitting on the fence. This article explains how you can use this sales tool in your domain sales. Go to article

domain appraisalTips on Appraising Domain Name Prices

It can be a challenge to price your domains or know whether to accept or counter an offer that comes in. This article discusses the challenges, provides valuable pointers and points to online helps for appraising domains. Go to article

domain traffic

How to Leverage Traffic From Mainstream Domain Marketplaces

Instead of sending free traffic to mainstream marketplaces, learn how to use them to send traffic to your domain shop so you can close a sale without paying high commission. Go to article



Domain Real Estate

Why You Have Not Missed the Boat in Domaining

This is not as much a tips article but an inspirational one. Learn why this is an exciting moment in time to be in domaining. Go to article