payoneer escrow terminatedWe just received an email notice moments ago from a representative of Payoneer that “Payoneer is discontinuing our escrow business”. This appears to be effective immediately. Help is offered to “successfully transition our relationship to other Payoneer products that might support your business”. Payoneer offers “a variety of money transfer services such as virtual bank accounts and invoicing with credit card and bank transfer payments and would be happy to support exploration of our services”. The email also stated, “We know the transition away from Payoneer Escrow may not be easy, but we are here to lend guidance and flexibility where possible.”

There is no explanation given as to why the escrow business is being discontinued so suddenly. In the past, we’ve seen services and products phased out over time to allow time for customers to switch to another option. And we know first hand that many domainers have been excited about the Payoneer escrow service. No doubt the decision was a difficult one and the company felt like it needed discontinue escrow for a good reason.

At Domain Market Pro, we are in the process of removing the Payoneer escrow option from the platform. You are still able to use and Escrow Domains, in addition to PayPal and Wire Transfer. We are also working on integrating other payment gateways in the near future.


The attached termination notice of agreement states: “As you may already be aware, we regret to inform you that Payoneer has decided to discontinue and wind-down its escrow services business and operations (“Escrow Business Services”), and will no longer support any customers with any transactions relating to the Escrow Business Services, including any maintenance and support issues.”

So there is a “wind-down” period of 90 days. This means that the service will be disabled from accounts as of October 18, 2018, according to the notice.

6 thoughts on "Payoneer Terminates Escrow Service"

  1. Sameh says:

    Are you sure it’s not a SPAM? Have you checked the links in the email (if any) actually lead to and not a spoof?

    I don’t think this is true. I hope not!

    1. DMP Support says:

      Yes, it came as a shock to us too. We have reviewed the email notice and attached letter carefully and it looks completely genuine.

  2. Green Jobs says:

    This sucks, I guess the only alternative at this point is Epik?

    1. DMP Support says:

      Not sure that is the only alternative. There is also Plus, if you can build your own brand then you can offer formal payment arrangements without the need for escrow. 😉

      1. Leo Golan says:

        Yes we can offer whatever we like, but the main point of escrow services is that the buyers don’t trust us to send us bug bucks up front, they feel much more comfortable to send money to a reputable escrow service.

        1. DMP Support says:

          You hit the nail on the head. One word: “trust”. That’s the key.

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