new domain landing pages
We are happy to introduce 4 new domain landing pages: businesswoman, businessman, skyscraper, and legal.

These new domain landing pages will make your domains really stand out in a professional manner. But more importantly, they are designed to make it very quick and easy to complete a purchase right on the landing page itself, as opposed to linking back to the DMP Shop’s cart. This eliminates the extra step of checking out from the shop’s integrated shopping cart.

The buyers are able to quickly select a payment option and fill out their basic contact details. At every step of the way, the seller (DMP Shop administrator) is notified of the sale stage: purchase initiated, purchase confirmed. Purchase is logged in the DMP app backend. Upon purchase confirmation (via PayPal or email) the domains are automatically marked as sold.

You can offer one payment method or a variety of payment options for the buyer to choose from. If the domain does not have a price, there is an inquiry/make offer form for a buyer to fill out.

Here are the previews of the new domain landing pages:

Domain Landing Page: Businesswoman

Businesswoman landing page is clean with a white background. A professional woman is pointing to the domain name. This is generic landing page that can be used for any domain. It speaks to the buyer that the domain is for serious use that will have an impact on their business.

This businessman is not like any businessman. He is cool, confident, and not afraid of being different. The dark background projects a very bold look, as does the image itself. Instead of pointing, the eyes of the businessman are firmly focused on the domain name promoted. This landing page can be used for any domain, but especially if you have any domains dealing with mens grooming or fashion.

Domain Landing Page: Legal

This is the first in a series of category themed domain landing pages that we are releasing. If you have legal domains then this landing page is the one you might opt to use. Clean design with a light background of a courthouse and a contrasting image of the lady justice statue clearly projects the usage potential and value of your legal domain names.

Domain Landing Page: Skyscraper

The solitary skyscraper of this domain landing page projects the ideas of majesty, power, technology, growth, among other things. It also can be used for any domain but especially for real estate, architecture, tech, or similar domains.

Here is an overview of key features:

  • Simple and quick yet secure purchase process
  • Automatic removal of sold domains from the inventory
  • Able to offer multiple payment options: PayPal, Wire Transfer, choice of 3 escrow providers
  • 100% or near-100% spam-free yet friendly to actual buyers/leads
  • Customizable sales text in various key areas of the page
  • Easy and quick offer/inquiry forms
  • Buyers/leads do not leave the landing pages to complete purchase (except to pay with PayPal but then return right back) or make an offer/inquiry
  • Easy to use on all domains or individual domains

These landing pages are available now in your DMP app backend.

2 thoughts on "New Landing Pages Now Available"

  1. isaac says:

    Why not also add a lease now button for leasing options ?

    1. DMP Support says:

      Yes, that is a good idea, Isaac. We will be implementing the option select either BIN or Lease price, if both prices are set. Also we will allow you the option to turn off the make offer/inquiry forms on priced domains.

      The landing pages are ever evolving and becoming more flexible.

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