Hilton New York City
Name Summit is the first domaining and branding conference on the east coast of United States that will be held this year from the 6th to the 8th of August in New York City. According to the official website, Name Summit is “bringing the best of the entrepreneurial and digital branding worlds to share their expertise in establishing a digital presence that excites, inspires, and generates ROI”.

Judging from the agenda posted on the official Name Summit website, this is the conference aimed for domainers that want to take their domain business to a level of serious opportunities beyond just flipping domains. Speakers will cover such important topics as “Establishing Your Brand Online”, “Securing the Right Domain For Your Brand Online”, as well as understanding new TLD’s and using them to reach customers, developing and executing strategies, capitalizing on Big Data, and much more.

This conference promises to be an ideal venue to meet end-users as well as learn how to build digital brands from real experts. The conference is located in the Hilton Midtown Hotel which places you in the heart of the action so you can enjoy some of the key attractions of New York City before and after Name Summit. In addition to the ideal location, it also looks like there will be plenty of opportunities for networking.

DISCLAIMER: New York Media, one of the co-founders of Name Summit, is a client of Domain Market Pro. However, no compensation has been received for this post. Neither DMP or TCK Media receives any compensation for registrations.

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