DMP Cyber Security

Every time there is a large-scale successful hack attack such as the one on Equifax puts cybersecurity in the spotlight. You may not be a target for hackers like a corporation or a government agency, but the more domains you own and have for-sale pages on them, the more bots will target your domain shop. Some bots are good, such as those that are meant to index your site on the search engines. However, there are many more bots that have very malicious goals. These bots are sent by hackers and spammers to sniff for vulnerabilities in sites. The most common are vulnerabilities in WordPress core and plug-in files but also other types of vulnerabilities as well. Their goal is to take control of your site to create a denial of service and/or use your site to send out spam email or insert advertising.

This is why we have made it a serious part of our mission to provide our clients with top-notch security for their DMP Shops. This includes implementing a strong firewall to prevent brute-force attacks and both incoming and outgoing spamming. Brute-force attacks are those that are aimed at trying to breach a password-protected area by auto-guessing login credentials. Anytime this occurs the firewall blocks the IP. This is the first line of defense.

As mentioned, there are many bots that simply try to sniff for known vulnerabilities or look to post blog spam and will not trigger a brute-force countermeasure. They will visit domains and pages, often creating inaccurate traffic stats. As a response we have recently created a system to identify bots and block them via mechanisms that only bots would trigger. The IP’s of the bots are then permanently blocked from visiting your DMP shop. It’s a learning system that gets more accurate everyday.

This new bot tracking system is already functioning on all DMP Shops. So if you see lower visits to your domains, then this is why. It is part of our security suite that includes secure socket layer (SSL) connection available for each shop, regular backups, and manual IP blocking at the account level.

In the world we live in today cybersecurity is a big and growing concern. This is part of our commitment to making Domain Market Pro as secure as possible while allowing for maximum opportunities to sell and monetize your domain names. We are not stopping here, however, and continually look to improve the security of the DMP app.