domain discount codes

Discount, promo, or coupon codes are commonly used in e-commerce websites, including many registrars’ and hosting companies’ websites.  There are even sites dedicated to just publishing discount codes all across the Web for such websites just mentioned.

Now you can create discount codes for DMP Shops and run campaigns during holiday seasons, cyber shopping, and at other times of your choosing.

Everyone loves deals. That’s why Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for sales in the US and Canada, Buen Fin is the same for Mexico, and all over the world there are local equivalents. Cyber Monday is likewise for online sales. When it comes to domains, buyers love deals as well. You don’t have to wait for these special days of the year either to create a sales campaign. Take cue from registrars and hosting companies that use discounts codes to raise interest and build enthusiasm.

Domain Market Pro allows you to easily create discount codes that buyers can then redeem in the shopping cart on domains with prices, prior to checking out. The discount codes all have expiry dates and multiple codes can be generated on a particular DMP Shop and you can have different codes for different shops.

How Discount Codes Can Be Utilized

Logically, discount codes work only on domains with pricing. Discount codes may encourage those buyers that are on the fence thinking about certain domain(s).

Here is how you can strategically utilize discount codes:

  1. Create marketing campaigns that you can send via email announcement lists.
  2. Reward your loyal followers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Use different codes for different platforms to enhance the “exclusive” and “reward” impressions.
  3. Use in conjunction with Domain Promo landers.
  4. Put on your business cards to give out at events. Create a discount code unique to each event to track performance.
  5. If you strike a deal with a buyer, create a discount code so that she or he can check out from your site directly.
  6. With 2 domain shops, you can run discount codes on one shop and have full price on another so that you don’t lose buyers willing to pay full price and also bargain hunters. DMP Plans include free shops.
  7. Use them in PPC and other advertising campaigns to encourage action.
  8. Take advantage of excitement around national holidays and sporting events such as the Super Bowl, World Cup, or Stanley Cup, etc., to run special offers. Here is a list of commemorative days that may lend themselves to running a promotional campaign.

Those are just some of the ways you can utilize discount codes with your DMP Shops. There are many other ways as well that you may be aware of or can research online.

Be sure to include the expiry date of the discount code whenever possible to impress time-sensitivity on the buyers.

DMP is a unique domain marketing platform that makes it very easy to run special campaigns and get your domains out in front of potential buyers, especially end-user buyers.