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Uniregistry makes it very simple to connect your domains listed on the Uniregistry Market to your DMP Shop’s landing or sales pages. If your domains are registered at Uniregistry and using their DNS, it literally takes seconds to setup. If you haven’t done so already, link your regular Uniregistry account to the Uniregistry Market using these instructions then come back to this post.

To forward your Uniregistry Market listed domains to DMP sales or landing pages, do the following:

Step 1: Login to your Uniregistry control panel.

uniregistry login

Step 2: Choose the domain(s), individually or in bulk, and select the “Settings” tab.

uniregistry market

Step 3: Scroll down to where it says “Domain Redirect” and enter your DMP Shop’s landing URL in the field “Redirect URL”. Make sure to SAVE your edits.

uniregistry market

If you haven’t done so already, add the same domains to your DMP Shop control panel:

Step 1: Login to your DMP Shop backend.

dmpshop login

Step 2: In the Dashboard, enter the domains in the field under “Quick Domain Add”. Hit Submit.

dmpshop dashboard

Step 4: Confirm/edit your domain submission.

dmpshop domain submissions

Step 5 (optional): Select type of landing (monetized, sales, or redirect (to sales page)) under Customize Website – Landing Pages, and make other edits.

dmpshop landing page manager