Social Media Domain Marketing
You have worked hard to build followers and contacts on various social networks. Now it is time to leverage those assets to promote your domains on social media in a professional way that attracts more attention from end-users.

One typical way to do this is by pasting a link to an individual domain’s sales or landing page that is “social media optimized”. What we mean by that is that the page integrates the Open Graph Protocol and Twitter cards. Somewhat technical things that you don’t have to worry about if you are using DMP for your domain shop(s). All domain sales and landing pages on DMP are fully optimized for social media so you can simply copy-and-paste the links to social media posts and each post will be correctly populated and displayed. You can also use the social share options right from the DMP Shop pages.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could do the same for groups of domains, not just one at a time. With DMP you can create domain promotion pages with a group of domains that you select to promote.

In the DMP App backend, you can search for domains or browse the inventory, check off domains you want to promote, add a header image and some content, and publish. The page link can be posted to social media sites with posts that are nicely formatted and invite clicks. The promotional page is branded to the customized DMP Shop and domains link to the individual sales pages.

Here is an example of a domain promotion page:

domain promotional landers

Here is how it appears in posts on some of the leading Social Media networks:



promo lander facebook[/one-half-first]

Google Plus

promo lander gplus[/one-half]


promo lander linkedin[/one-half-first]


promo lander twitter[/one-half]

You can run campaigns that target specific niches or themes such as “Geo+Keyword”, “Dictionary Words”, “Short Brandables”, “LLLL”, or discounted pricing, or simply post your most recent acquisitions, just to give you some ideas. Promotions such as this give focus to select groups of domains of niche interests or special offers. This is another tool in your arsenal to better market domain names.

You have spent time and effort to build connections on social media with contacts such as entrepreneurs, business owners, venture capitalists, domain investors, startup founders, company executives, targeted niche verticals, etc. Use those connections to market domains that would be of interest to them. With a DMP Shop, you are able to select domains for promotion and create sharp looking social media friendly promotional campaign pages in minutes. Start promoting your domains today.