2019 domain marketing

2018 has come to a close as we welcome the year 2019 tonight. However, at Domain Market Pro we had many tips over the course of 2018 that can help you sell more domains in 2019 and beyond.

GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, has been a major concern for many domain investors in 2018, here are 3 articles that addressed the topic:

GDPR ComplianceDMP is GDPR Compliant. Are You?

Domain Market Pro (DMP) is GDPR compliant. We’ve added a new ‘privacy tool’ to help you, if you are a client of DMP, ensure your site is compliant as well come May 25 when the GDPR law will go into effect. Go to article … 


GDPR and domain salesHow GDPR Will Impact Domain Sales

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is a law that impacts countries of the European Union that will go into effect on May 25, 2018. GDPR regulates how personal data will be accessed… Go to article


whois and domain salesHow to Use Whois for Selling Domains in a GDPR World

Prior to the introduction and implementation of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Whois was commonly used to find owners of domains with an easy way to contact them via email or phone. This was very helpful to getting direct sales from interested end-users and investors. Go to article


And here are our top tips offered during the past year.


more domain sales3 Ways You Can Start Selling More Domains Today

We are all very busy and for many domainers proactively promoting and selling domains may seem overwhelming. However, in reality there are some simple and quick ways that you can use to proactively sell domains that only take a few minutes each. Go to article


domain shop marketplace showcaseWhy You Need Your Own Domain Sales Site

If you are serious about selling domain names as a viable business or income source, you should have your own branded domain sales site. This does not mean you shouldn’t also list your domains on the mainstream marketplaces. Go to article


hand reg domains frustrated10 Tips on Hand Registering Domain Names Without Breaking the Bank

We have all been there. Wondering: “Why in the world did I register that name?” This could be the next day, month later, or when renewal comes. Hand registering domain names today is risky if you are new to the business. Go to article


bad-domain-salesHow NOT to Compose Domain Sales Emails

This morning we received a sales email promoting a domain for sale. What struck me is how badly it was composed. It is a text-book example of how NOT to write a domain sales email. First, here is the email, then we will analyze it… Go to article


How to SEO domain marketplacesHow to SEO Domain Marketplaces for More Targeted Traffic

Let’s face it. If you only list your domains on mainstream marketplaces and/or forums, those  listings are not search engine optimized (SEO’d) for your specific domain, unless you start creating inbound links from your blog or other sites. But… Go to article

Be sure to check out these other top domain marketing tips from 2017.