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Domain Traffic

Benefit From YOUR Domain Traffic

Stop sending valuable traffic from your domains to mainstream marketplaces. Utilize your portfolio's traffic and have these other sites send traffic to you. Monetize, sell, generate leads.

Domain Traffic

Frustrated Trying to Build a Domain Shop?

Stop spending countless hours or money trying to customize software not built for domain sales or starting from scratch. Only to have it hacked. DMP is secure and built for domain sales.

Domain Traffic

No More Mystery Offers on Your Domain Names

Finally understand where offers on your domains come from and signals of potential budget. Get intel on domain traffic. Put together, you will always be at an advantage in negotiations.

Customizable Shops

Customize nearly every aspect of your domain shop. No technical knowledge required.

Monetize Your Portfolio

Tools to create many monetization opportunities. Increase recurring revenue.

Lead Generation

Get more domain offers. Know who you are dealing with. Grow your leads.

Stats & Intel

Traffic to domain sales & landing pages. Info to make best negotiation decisions.

The #1 Choice of serious domainers & investors


Check out the Features of DMP

DMP is a self-hosted content management system to quickly build and manage domain sales websites. Your website says a lot about you, your business, and your credibility. A premium DMP-powered domain shop will create a favorable lasting impression. And more importantly, DMP domain shops are designed to increase lead generation, domain sales, and volume of verified offers. Turn more visitors into sales and leads.

Create your own brand

Upload custom logo and custom content. No mention of Domain Market Pro will appear on your site. Full white-label.

Operate Multiple Shops

In addition to your primary shop, you can operate other shops from a single interface. Perfect for niche sites.

Fully customizable

Customize nearly every aspect of your site. From home page, to sales pages and domain landers.

Lead Generation

All domain sales inquiries are logged in your control panel. Follow up on past negotiations with ease.

Get Paid

Payment integrations with PayPal and Wire Transfers and links to 3rd party fulfillment pages.

Custom Categories

Organize your domains into custom categories because you should not be limited to preset list of categories.

Advanced browsing & searching

Exact and broad match keyword searching by specific criteria. Browse by categories and keywords.

Monetization Opportunities

Use management tools to create advertising spots on your shop and landers. Increase sales and monetizing opportunities.

3rd Party Code Integrations

Add code snippets from trusted 3rd parties such as subscription lists, live help, webmaster tools, and more. Enhance your domain shop.

Anti-spam and Firewall

Your site(s) will be secured behind a firewall with multiple-levels of anti-spam protection. Choose your level.

Premium Analytics

Alternative to Google analytics. Get detailed reporting of your traffic direct. Protect your data and privacy.

SEO & Social Media

Promote your domain shop and domains on social media and get better search optimization with SEO & Social tools.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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What People Are Saying About DMP

We are passionate about our services and will bend over backwards to provide an excelling product. Here is what our clients have to say.

Dave Robb

Domain Market Pro is the best platform I have seen after 18 years. The domain selling platforms have always consisted of code that never seem to match up to the expectations of the domain seller, let alone a client searching the site to purchase a domain. The admin panel is very good and the DMP team has excelled at making upgrades and changes that could be fully utilized to enhance the site. No doubt in my mind that this platform will be improved and updated on a regular basis to help both the domain investor and client.

Eric Watson

It took me more than 3 months to design my original site and upload all of my domains. Once I switched to Domain Market Pro, it literally took me less than one hour to be up and running with a brand new and attractive website! The dashboard interface is very intuitive, the servers are blazing fast, and the provided monetization/SEO tools are a snap to use. Finally, a platform built specifically for my needs as a domainer and entrepreneur. Thanks, DMP!

Steve Kaziyev

DMP is the answer to domainer solutions. I needed a platform that will showcase my domains and have the ability to optimize and monetize my portfolio. TCK Media has put together a perfect solutions platform that we use on a daily basis, either for stats, analytics or just to see when I purchased a domain name. I highly recommend DMP to anybody who is looking for a well versed domain name management platform.

Anna Bastian

Branding Professional makes it really fun to watch interactions with your domains from your shop. So many benefits to the domainer. I am enjoying it a great deal. I am so wowed by who ends up on my landing pages! Very cool! I'm so complimentary especially because Tom is so great to help with the set up, so I want to show my huge appreciation. This company makes it so easy to have a great shop or just as a portfolio online! It's pretty impossible to search in other databases. Now it will be easier when I share my domains at conferences, etc too! Share names, all my domains would, honestly, get way too overwhelming.

James Balatti


We've been building out new site with Tom's service also. I'm liking where it's going. The best part is Tom and his team's response to support issues and dedication to building this out as a great tool. Can't wait to go live. 5 Star Reviews from us so far too!

Graeme Campbell

DMP Shop Owner

These folks are amazing! The platform is really simple to set up and looks really really good, and if you need it support is really fast and helpful. I couldn't be happier or prouder of my site and I'm looking forward to a number of updates that are just going to blow things right out the water :) Well done and thanks for being awesome!


Flexible Pricing Options

All plans include free MX record edits for 3rd party email services, free SSL. Pro Investor and Enterprise plans include White Label (no DMP logo in footer), and 1 or more free Novice Investor plan shops.

Novice Investor

$7 / mo

Up-to 500 Domains

Up-to 500 Landing Pages

Pro Investor

$17 / mo

Up-to 4500 Domains

Up-to 4500 Landing Pages

Free Novice Investor Shop


$35 / mo

Up-to 10000 Domains

Up-to 10000 Landing Pages

2 Free Novice Investor Shops

Please note that when you sign up you will receive a free 7 day trial. You can then choose your billing plan.

Our Guarantee

Risk-free Guarantee

We want you to be happy with our service. As such we offer a risk-free guarantee to increase your sales or your money back.

30-day full money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

After the 7 day free trial, you get additional 30 days of risk free use. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We will do everything in our power to make you happy but if we don't succeed then we will refund your money. No hassle.

* More sales and/or offers and inquires.

If you don't get more sales and/or offers for your domains on the DMP platform, we will refund any balance paid for months remaining. To get more sales you must point all your domains to DMP's sales pages or landing pages, which are designed to increase sales and lead generation.


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